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Seasons Rule, Part 1: Autumn

      Fall has fallen here in Pennsylvania. The changing colors of the trees, the crisp air, the inevitable retiring of motorcycles for the year. All things to look forward to as winter approaches. I love fall because I can wear my combat boots with long pants instead of a speedo, and I like wearing jackets without sweating my ass off.

      That is all peanuts compared to what I really want to talk about. That is women in black tights, & boots. Whether it’s the college girls panhandling for children’s cancer, or the cougars at Target. They are beautiful to behold. When it comes to these spandex clad sweethearts, size & shape doesn’t matter, Although the more defined hamstring, the better. That’s the sign of a woman who is not afraid to do a couple squats. (if’n you know what I meanz!)

      So go out, enjoy the camble toes, and curve hugging nylon to your hearts desire. After a summer of sucking in your gut at the beach, you’ve earned it!

Stay MotorV8ed & HIT SHIT! \m/

First in a four-part series of “Seasons Rule.” Apologies to our South American friends for being out of sync.